Our Family Heritage


    We are a family that has always believed that "The family that plays AND works together stays together."  Someday, we'll put up some stories about some of our experiences as a family.  But, for now ...

    We have divided our Family Tree Maker database into four files.

    Jean does a majority of the work with her ancestral lines, Brunetta does the same for Jim's.  Our motto is "Divide and Conquer!!!"

    After you've looked around, please sign Jean's Guest Book.  Or, if you're curious, and would just like to read what others have written, you can View it instead.  Either way, thank you!  From all of us!!

Jim's Heritage (Contact Brunetta)

Cole  (Maternal)

Lingg  (Paternal)

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Jean's Heritage (Contact Jean)

Shockley  (Maternal)

Whitener  (Paternal)

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