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Business phone: (503) 397-7110
Crisis line: (503) 397-6161 



Columbia County Women's
Resource Center

Direct Services

24 Hour Crisis Line...397-6161

Our 24 hour crisis line is available to anyone in need of assistance.  The crisis line is answered in-house during business hours and in a qualified volunteer or staff members home after hours.  Crisis line services include providing crisis intervention, safety assessments, peer counseling, and information and referrals.  Crisis line advocates serve as a link between the victim, law enforcement, hospitals and all the resources in the community to help people who are in crisis.

Shelter/Safe Homes...

The Columbia County women's resource center currently does not operate a shelter facility, but we hope to have our shelter (the starting place) open by July of 1999.  The starting place will hours to provide comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault while they are housed in a safe, healthy environment.  Women and children will be able to address their issues and work towards their goals of breaking the cycle of violence and staying free of abuse.

In the interim, we refer victims fleeing violence to other shelters in the state.  Also, individuals in the community sometimes offer their homes for a short period of time (a maximum of three nights) on an emergency basis to victims and their families to leave their residents because of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Information & Referral

Columbia County women's resource center works to maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date directory of resources in Columbia County and throughout the state.  Staff and volunteers participate on many committees and advisory boards to keep informed of current laws, resources and options available to survivors of violence.  We also attend frequent training, receive many periodicals and gather resources to help keep us up-to-date.


One-on-one peer supports and ongoing support groups are offered for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, the elderly, and teen victims of sexual assault.  Other groups may be offered as requested.


Hands-on assistance is provided by staff and volunteers to persons needing help in locating and utilizing services in the community.  We provide legal advocacy with the courts and assist victims in filling out temporary restraining orders.  We meet/accompany victims to the hospital after a sexual assault to advocate for her safety.  We also work with many other agencies within Columbia County to assist victims with housing, financial needs and other support services.


We provide limited transportation in emergency cases only.  Transportation is provided to safe homes/shelters, hospitals, police departments, support groups, or etc. On a limited basis.

Homeless Case Management

Columbia County women's resource center has limited funds to assist with first months rents and/or deposits for victims who may have made the decision to leave their abuser.  Victims must be able to continue to pay their rent after assistance and be working towards a plan to become self-sufficient.


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