Sauerkraut Festival

What a great time to be had by all who participated.  The Sauerkraut Festival was a great success!  There was Lions Pam, Donna, Arlene, Richard, Tim, Duane, and Sandy who were all there with several visitors who stopped by to give a thumbs up as well from the St Helens Lions club.  We sold all but about 2 Gallons of the 25 Gallons of Ice Cream that we ordered!  Donna, Pam, & Tim took turns through out the day scooping ice cream while Arlene, Duane, and Richard collected money & sold soda & coffee out of our little booth.  Tim was shouting to the crowds to make sure they didn't miss the Sauerkraut Ice Cream this year like a regular carnival barker.  What a site.  Sandy came toward the end of the day to see how all went after attending her meetings earlier in the day.  Hope to see you all next year!!!

The Famous Ice Cream Booth Set Up & Selling

Here's Donna & Arlene ready to collect money & sell, sell, sell!!!

Just another satisfied Customer enjoying her Sauerkraut Ice Cream

Here's Lion Pam Giving the Food Booth a new look/Paint Job!!!


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